Using Our Expertise and Creativity to Provide Customers with New Attractive Products

Ever since our founding in 1950, we have been providing power units for water treatment facilities and waterway facilities, as well as automatic machines and labor-saving machines, with a focus on the development and production of gear reducers.
Hanshin Engineering provides a complete package, from development and production to after-sales maintenance.

Providing Various Power Units for over 50 Years

Ever since its founding in 1950, Hanshin Engineering has been providing all sorts of power units for water treatment facilities and waterway facilities, with a focus on the development and production of gear reducers.
We are developing products that support a safer and more comfortable life by making full use of the technologies and expertise we have built up as an expert in power units for more than half a century.
With advances in information technology, we have been successively developing computer control devices to improve efficiencies in water treatment and sluice gate management. Looking to the next generation, we will meet the expectations of society with technology that combines our lofty ideas and expertise with the physical realities on the ground.

Production System

Production SystemProduction System

Technological Capabilities and After-Sales Service

Highly Accurate Manufacturing by Skilled Engineers

At Hanshin Engineering, skilled engineers who have refined their technological capabilities and knowledge over many years create highly accurate products in line with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. We also acquired ISO 14001 certification in November 2001, making concerted efforts to build a production system that helps protect the environment.

Full Support with Regular Diagnostics and Maintenance

Hanshin Engineering provides all the necessary maintenance services for equipment including regular diagnostics and replacement parts.
In order to ensure a safe living environment and stable operations, we also focus on equipment maintenance, making sure our products operate reliably in companies that use our gear reducers, as well as in water treatment and waterway facilities nationwide.

Into the Future with Global Ideas

Hanshin Engineering uses the water environment technologies it has developed from industrial reduction gears in a variety of ways with a flexible mindset.
And that expertise will be used in Asia and then the rest of the world.
Hanshin Engineering is outwardly looking to acquire more potential and confidence in its technological capabilities around the world.