Switch Mounted Operation Panel

Two operating types available, touch panel or push button.Two operating types available, touch panel or push button.
Switch Mounted Operation Panel

Operations are controlled by pressing the buttons on the control panel. The operation panel also features display lights indicating operating status as well as a voltmeter and ammeter.

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  1. The operation panel enables a number of different functions such as opening and closing the gate, abnormality diagnostics of the operating system, inspection support for mechanical equipment, as well as keeping a record of these operations and processes.
  2. The operation panel is small enough to be mounted on switchgear meaning that production and installation costs can be minimized compared to conventional standalone control panels.
  3. Easier to carry out on-site electrical work.
  4. Reduces console floor space.
  5. The operating circuit is a dual circuit comprised of an arithmetic interlock inside the sequencer and a fully closed/open relay interlock, so even if the sequencer malfunctions, the gate will stop in the fully closed or fully open position.
    If the sequencer fails, the gate can be operated with the emergency drive switch.


Type Outdoor
Operating switches Push button
Operating range (standard product) Switch motors up to 3.7kw
Power 3-phase AC200/220V
Display lights Operating status/failure display
Operating method Machine side or remote
Remote line signal Operating status signal, failure signal
Remote control signal DC24V Continuous voltage contact
Remote voltage, current, and opening signal DC4–20mA
Size and weight 580 x 550 x 330mm / 60kg

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